37 - E3 2017: Top 5 Broken Promises and Lies

June 17, 2017

E3 is the worst time of the year. Its just movie trailer that will look nothing like the games. Most of the titles released will be forgotten a week after release. I hate everything. 


00:00 Intro

00:40 Adam West Dead/Justy has a stroke

04:09 dead woman on snapchat 

04:41 F is for Family 

05:13 E3 is the worst...

25:08 Top 5 Games (Tony)

33:00 Top 5 WORST games (Tony)

38:02 Top 5 games (Justy)

45:25 Top 5 WORST games (Justy)

57:00 Cuddle Marry Kill

01:02:00 Fan of the Week 

The weekly podcast where two fat, grown men get mad about the news, movies, and video games. (Hosted by Tony and Justy.)

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