45 - Sarahah Results and The Future of Cuddle Pile

August 12, 2017

Cuddle Pile 45
Sarahah Results and The Future of Cuddle Pile

Well Justy came craaaaawling back to Tony. Much like a pathetic ex he called me drunk begging to take him back as co-host. I took him back like a sucker. I will not survive. Oh and we read some nice constructive criticisms about us from anonymous people. Also we are making a movie.

00:00 Intro/Justin is back

01:20 North Korea and other news.

07:55 Saraha and us reading messages.

01:00:49 Cuddle Marry Kill

01:01:50 Fan of the Week

The weekly podcast where two fat, grown men get mad about the news, movies, and video games. (Hosted by Tony and Justy.)

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